Glass illuminates subterranean home

A barely-perceptible riverfront building which makes extensive use of glass in its design has been completed in south Devon.

The Telegraph explains that in order to maximise the amount of light it receives, the subterranean River Houses kitchen and living rooms feature walls made of glass which also serve as sliding doors to the exterior of the property and a sunken courtyard.

Architect Mike Inness tells the publication: "With underground homes, its all about planning and landscape issues. This house was above river level on a hillside in an area of great beauty, so this was the right solution for this site."

The glass features of the property allow the open-plan rooms to be flooded with natural light so that it is less reliant on electricity.

Meanwhile, the BBC suggests that natural light which can be enjoyed through the extensive use of glass in structures – such as conservatories – serves to create a feeling of space and luminosity.