Glass adds character to kitchens

Consumers considering kitchen extensions and makeovers should make use of glass in their designs to create a sense of character in the space.

Debbie Travis, a writer at publication the Star, makes her comments in response to a number of interior design queries in her House to Home column, explaining that with a neutral background colour, any kind of design can be used.

She encourages would-be designers to take the opportunity to be adventurous and try out vivid colours such as vibrant greens, citrus yellows and deep reds that may not normally be considered.

Before transforming an entire room, Ms Travis suggests that home improvers should experiment with designs on a board so that they can see how the finished effect will look.

In related news, the BBC suggests that vibrant colours and chrome accessories can be used to create an energetic space in a conservatory which may be complemented with rattan furniture and accessories made from natural fibres.