Giant Marrow scoops world record.

Giant Marrow scoops world record.

A Norfolk man has added his name to the Guinness Book of World Records for growing the worlds heaviest marrow, weighing more than the average woman.

Ken Dade exhibited his mammoth achievement at the National Amateur Gardening Shoe in Somerset, where it took two men to lift it onto the display table.

The 70-year-old put the record down to years of experience and the superb soil drainage of the reclaimed marshland of Terrington.

"If you cannot grow it in Terrington you wont grow it anywhere," he said.

"You need the right seed, plenty of enthusiasm and a good dollop of luck, then you pray for the weather.

"They need nice warm, humid weather and two hours rain twice a week. But you never get it ideal, you just have to ride the punches."

Mr Dade has been developing his giant marrow seeds for 15 years and compared growing his ten-stone marrow to winning Olympic Gold.

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