Giant lily at Dunham Massey blooms after seven years of waiting

Gardeners at the National Trust estate were rewarded with the rare treat, when the giant lily slowly opened its petals and released its perfume, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The enjoyment of the moment is only fleeting, however, as the petals will soon be scattered by the wind.

Damian Harris, the estate’s head gardener, said he and his team were proud to see a plant that needs such close attention blooming in June.

He said: “The plant resembles a normal lily that you might find in a florist shop – it’s a large white flower with a crimson throat – except that it’s twice my height. It is very difficult to get it to grow in this country. It needs a lot of looking after.

“As a result, not many people get to see it when the lily finally blooms. They require constant care but it’s very rewarding to finally see them in bloom.