Getting the best from sunflower seeds

While a hot summer can have sunflowers blooming just two months after sowing, the UK weather can make it difficult to get the best out of the plants.

However, greenhouse owners can help encourage growth by starting the seedlings early indoors, the Northern Echo suggested.

By doing this, it helps establish the plants and minimise damage caused by weather changes.

The newspaper advised growers to plant the seeds in March, before transplanting the flowers outside in April or May.

For best results, one seed should be placed in a three-inch pot filled with compost and pressed down around one cm below the surface.

The heat in the greenhouse should help germinate the seed and establish the sunflower in time for the summer months.

This is also a good time of year to transplant evergreens as the warmer weather causes root activity to begin, meaning they should bed in more quickly.

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