Getting started with a Gabriel Ash greenhouse

A greenhouse is a great addition to any garden, as it not only gives you the chance to grow a variety of plants all year round but also provides you with an attractive structure for your garden. Gabriel Ash offers a selection of greenhouses to suit your needs and budget, from small lean to greenhouses for those with limited garden space to larger designs for those who require plenty of space to grow a selection of plants.
If you have not yet chosen a greenhouse for your garden, then you may wish to start by deciding which type of greenhouse would be best for you. If you have plenty of garden space and wish to experiment with a wide variety of plants, then there are many larger designs available. If you have limited garden space and need something that enables you to grow a small selection of your favourite plants, then a lean to greenhouse or a vinehouse is a great choice.

One you have found your ideal greenhouse, you can begin planning what types of plants you wish to grow. Once you have decided, you can begin preparing your greenhouse so that the conditions are just right for the type of plant you are planning to grow. Consider adding extra accessories to your greenhouse, such as staging, as this will help to provide a little more space for growing pot plants or plants in trays.

If you wish to grow tall plants, then your greenhouse will need to be spacious. Select staging or shelves that can easily be removed should you require more space. Be sure to keep your greenhouse suitable for the types of plants you wish to grow, as this will improve your chances of growing them successfully.

If you are new to gardening, then start making the most of your greenhouse by practising with plants that are easy to care for. You can then move onto more challenging plants, such as tropical plants or your own fruit and vegetables. Researching any type of plants you are planning to grow will enable you to improve your greenhouse so that it suits their requirements.

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