Get to work on the lawn in May, Eden Project says

According to horticulturalists at the Eden Project, removing weeds before they get too large and unwieldy is also a task to be tackled in May, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Additionally, getting out the slug repellent and spraying it into any nooks and crannies is a vital task at this time, in order to ensure the successful growth of seedlings.

Kids can get involved with some of the Eden Project’s fun to grow range of plants and pots, the organisation added.

Finally, setting up a water butt to catch any water during forthcoming showers can make all the difference when it comes to keeping a garden well fed during long, hot summer months.

Last month, adviser at the Royal Horticultural Society Helen Bostock said small greenhouses can be a welcome addition at this time of year to even a limited outside space, especially for growing beautiful salad leaves and herbs