Get the garden and greenhouse ready for spring

With Christmas less than two months away, garden and greenhouse owners have been advised to take steps now to prepare their property for spring.

The festive period is often a busy time, so getting tasks done early may be a good idea to help ensure the yard is fully ready for the new growing season.

Angie’s List spokesperson Angie Hicks explained that it is vitally important to remove leaves from the lawn to allow sunlight and rain to get to the grass.

The consumer group representative told that this can make a big difference to the lawn come springtime.

"Additionally, if the leaves are left on the ground they could lead to mold problems and even pest problems because the water will get trapped in the lawn," she advised.

Other tips from Angie’s List include checking storm drains for clumps of wet leaves to help avoid a nasty flood if the area is subjected to heavy rainfall.

Those raking up leaves should take regular breaks to help avoid back pain, as clearing the lawn can be a strenuous task.

Meanwhile, has advised garden and greenhouse owners to treat the first frost as a sign that gardening seasons have changed and to adapt their activities accordingly.