Get outdoors to protect against SAD

Brits who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) have been told that their best route to feeling better is through exercise and natural sunlight.

While some may invest in a light box, Julie Brealy – heath manager of FitFarm camps in Exmoor and the Peak District – suggested winter exercise is important.

She explained that many people neglect their fitness regimes during the colder months – missing out on vital endorphins and worsening their condition.

Her comments were reinforced by a spokesperson for, who added that keeping fit and healthy can help fight SAD by boosting self-esteem.

He said: "It also has a secondary benefit in that daytime outdoor exercise exposes to people to sunlight – the lack of which is the root cause of SAD."

Those wishing to get some natural sunlight and regular exercise may decide to take up horticulture by learning how to grow food and plants in the garden or greenhouse.