Gardening tips for beginners

Gardening can be a fun and enjoyable hobby for you and your whole family. The satisfaction of watching your plants grow after nurturing them from the very start is very rewarding especially once your plants start to grow bigger than you had expected possible!

The only issue for beginners in starting this gardening hobby and process is to understand and be aware of the simple basics required in the greenhouse in order to see the best results of plant growth and flower blooms. Here are some very important steps for all beginners to be aware about when trying to get involved in gardening in the greenhouse.

It is important to figure out what you want to plant whether it be vegetables, fruits, flowers, tropical plants, etc. It is important to narrow down what you wish to plant and how you would arrange these plants within you greenhouse if you intend to grow more than one kind of plant (obviously arranging the same kinds together separating from those that are not of the same species). This will then affect the requirements of light, temperature, so on and so forth. If you want to grow from the seed, it is important to read the instructions (if any) on the seed packaging as they often provide some tips and hints on how to receive maximum success in growth of the seeds. Certain seeds require different types of temperatures and sunlight exposures therefore it is important to do some research on what type of climate your seed will naturally grow best in, for example, seedless grapes find it difficult to grow properly in tropical climates thus you will have to arrange your greenhouse temperature according to a cooler climate to aid this situation.

If you decide on growing from the seed, it is important to record the pH level of the area you want to plant your seeds in according to the type of seed it is. It is therefore important for beginners to own a reputable PH meter which can be bought in popular gardening shops such as Gabriel Ash, in order to not waste time with unproductive planting. Once you own a pH meter, the package of your seeds will often list statistics on the probability of successful growth according to the pH level, if this is not listed, just browse online for some statistics. Owning the essential gardening tools are also important such as gardening gloves, watering cans, planting trowels, bulb planters, hand forks, etc which can be easily bought in gardening shops such as Gabriel Ash.

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