Gardening sites falling behind in retail website stakes

Gardening websites have a bit of catching up to do with other retailers, a survey has show.

A poll of 10,000 Which? members found that certain firms performed better than others, placing B&Qs online resource last in a list of 16 home and garden sites, Horticulture Week reported.

While the list was topped by John Lewis with a score of 91 per cent, B&Qs scored just 59 per cent.

In between the two extremes was, which scooped fourth place with 87 per cent and, whose 73 per cent landed it eighth position.

The B&Q search function let the site down, explained Which? researcher Sarah Dennis.

"Thompson & Morgan scored highly for range but, like Crocus, not for price. Search functionality and value for money are what consumers are looking for," she added.

A B&Q spokesperson admitted the firm was disappointed with its score and said the company is always looking to improve.

Meanwhile, garden and greenhouse enthusiasts can this weekend (November 15th) attend the Royal Horticulture Society Garden Harlow Carrs Tree Party.