Gardening site offers Christmas gifts

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts looking to get others interested in horticulture may be interested in the range of Christmas gifts available from one website.

Hopeful Gardener was set up to inject more fun into gardening to add quirkiness to the satisfaction felt when a plant is successfully grown or an area transformed.

It offers presents like pink polka-dot wheelbarrows and luxury garden aprons that may even tempt growers to treat themselves as well as others.

Marketing manager Sam Gilson explained that the companys "ethos is about fun".

"We are a team of enthusiastic gardeners who have learnt through trial and error and a few helpful tips from friends and family," he said.

Mr Gilson added that the firm aims to offer practical gifts of a good standard, with a range of tools available, such as compost bins, trowels and the new Tool and Tuck Box.

Meanwhile, a US website was set up recently to encourage garden and greenhouse fans to save themselves cash by growing their own food.