Gardening Helps to Combat Body Fat

The health benefits of gardening are well documented, with both physical and mental aspects being boosted by our favourite outdoor activity.

A recent New Zealand study, published in the American Journal for Health, has confirmed that gardening is very effective at keeping body weight in check. The study, comprising of 198 adults, all of whom were in their mid forties, and had all been gardening in an urban community programme for at least 12 months. The data gathered was then compared to a similar sample of people from the same community who had not been gardening. 

The results showed that the BMI for all the gardeners was significantly reduced with the women’s BMI level falling 1.8points. Men saw an even bigger change with BMI being reduced by 2.4 points.

The study also showed that men who gardened were 62% less likely to be overweight than those who didn’t. Women were 46% less likely.

With obesity linked to all sorts of chronic health problems, isn’t it time we all spent a little bit more time in the garden?

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