Gardening good for the mind

Brits who regularly spend time tending the plants in their garden and greenhouse could be looking after their own health, it has been suggested.

According to a leading psychologist, indulging in a spot of horticulture is beneficial for ones wellbeing.

Manchester University professor Geoff Beattie explained that time spent in gardens, parks and other natural environments can help decrease stress levels.

"Gardening itself is a good physical activity," he said.

"In addition, it has got the desired characteristic of taking you out of yourself, caring and nurturing and thinking about something else and again, you are tending to spend prolonged periods of time in a natural environment."

The expert added that such green spaces have an impact on the emotions and cause people to be more positive with their outlook.

Professor Beattie recently worked with Ronseal on research which revealed that a quarter of Brits do not spend enough time in natural outdoor spaces.