Gardening game set for release

Such is the popularity of gardening that a US entertainment company has produced a gardening game for the Nintendo DS.

Majesco has announced that Gardening Mama, developed by Cooking Mama Limited, will be released on March 31st.

The Cooking Mama franchise has already proven popular with over 3.7 million sales in the US alone.

Gardening Mama will look to match that by allowing gamers to sow, feed and reap up to 37 kinds of foods and flowers.

While no real life gardening skills will be picked up, the game is likely to stir up an interest in gardening – especially among the DS younger users.

Up to four players can compete to grow the most bountiful harvest and users can even swap plants they have grown online in much the same way that real life gardeners often share seeds and cuttings.

The game comes with a suggested retail price of $29.99 and demos can be downloaded now from Nintendo kiosks at computer game retailers around the country.

Gardeners who prefer the real thing may wish to attend the San Francisco Garden and Flower Show instead.

The show begins tomorrow (March 18th) and runs through until Sunday (March 22nd).