Gardening can make you happier

It’s not just for those with disabilities or dementia, though it helps them greatly, as we have reported before – gardening can make ANYONE happier!

And The Times of India has brought a few top tips to its online newspaper to help us all to share in the pleasures of the age-old past-time.

It rightly states that even planting a small tree can lift stress and challenges us to have a go and see how different we feel after a few weeks.  How many trees does that   make, we wonder!

Proven to help with depression and to calm stressed nerves, gardening also helps us to ‘get physical’, release pent-up emotions, ‘ground’ us through the feel of the soil on your skin and under your feet, fill us with positivity and inspiration, bring out the creator and the carer in us, teach patience (good for children, also), eat organic produce from our own gardens and get vitamin D from any sunshine we may glean.

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Author: Robert Smith