Gardening can improve state of mind

Gardening can help to reduce feelings of stress and to improve a persons state of mind, according to a recent study.

Research carried out by a team of psychologists from the University College London has found that gardening regularly is among the easiest ways for people to boost their mental wellbeing.

The findings could spark greater interest in greenhouses, particularly among middle-aged people, who the research team found could remain active for longer if they spent time gardening prior to retirement.

Estimates from the experts suggest that by gardening regularly men and women can reduce their distress levels by as much as 20 per cent.

Professor Ken Fox, a nutrition and health specialist from Bristol University, told the Daily Express: "This study is helpful as it shows that even low levels of activity can help."

In the late 18th century, Dr Benjamin Rush, who was among those who signed the American Declaration of Independence, claimed that gardening could be a therapeutic practice.