Gardening brings back memories

Gardening in and out of the greenhouse can help older folks to stay active, it has been suggested.

Bernard Brundidge is 60 and told the Alton Telegraph how it "brings back old memories" while giving him something to do and a way to exercise.

He checks on his plants and produce everyday and is one of a number of the housing complexs residents who enjoy growing peppers, corn, tomatoes and greens.

"The best part is to see how your green thumb is working," he added. "And it doesnt have all of that spray stuff (chemicals)."

Also on the subject of crops and produce this week, the Normal Transcript gave readers some advice on common problems experienced by gardeners.

Pest control is important all season and people should continue to keep their eyes open, because insects can have a severe effect if not dealt with.

The publication suggested that identifying such vermin can help combat whatever issue they are causing.