Gardeners World presenter on urban gardens

Gardeners World presenter Joe Swift has been offering up solutions for how to spice up an urban garden.

Swift says that it doesnt have to cost a lot, nor take a lot of effort to make a big difference in the garden.

"Boundaries are really important," he told

"If you have really ugly walls try and clad them or cover them with something such as plyboard, which you can paint, or screening, which comes on a roll.

"Cover up an unsightly boundary because it’s the first thing that you see as you come out and it can be the most depressing and claustrophobic part of a small garden, where everything is at eye level."

He also recommends giving paving a good clean with a pressure washer and edging the lawn with timber to make it appear tidier.

Finally, for smaller gardens he suggests a few large plants, such as palms and bamboo, may be more effective than smaller plants.