Gardeners World presenter attends compost event

Attendees at a recent event were able to benefit from the knowledge of a famous gardener.

Delegates at the Garden Organic Master Composter Conference were given the chance to listen to a speech by BBC Gardeners World presenter Alys Fowler, who later signed copies of her book.

The event, which focused on creating and using fertiliser in the garden, greenhouse and other areas, took place on Saturday (July 25th) and was attended by experts and enthusiasts with both professional and recreational interests in the topic.

"It is our aim to get more local authorities on the [master composter] scheme so that communities can be inspired to start composting at home," project co-ordinator Pip Bradley explained.

The expert added Garden Organic was glad to have Ms Fowler there.

Following the TV stars speech, delegates heard a talk from entomologist Peter Smithers, who discussed the function of insects in compost heaps.

Garden Organic recently urged growers not to forget heritage varieties when choosing which foods to cultivate.