Gardeners urged to check their manure

Gardeners have been urged to check their manure this summer for the grassland herbicide aminopyralid.

The Horticultural Trades Association has warned that the substance, present in various forms in several different products, can damage gardens and allotments through the use of manure, the Town Crier Today reports.

The product is normally used as a weed-killer on grasslands, but while it has no effect on livestock it binds with plant matter and does not biodegrade, meaning it can cause damage to garden vegetables. The substance is labelled on manure products, and can be used with cereals and grass instead.

Gardening is growing increasingly popular in the UK, whether it be in the garden, the allotment or the greenhouse, especially during the summer months when plants benefit from the longer hours of sunlight.

Children are also getting in on the act along with their parents and grandparents, and schools like the St Thomas More RC School in Birmingham have a thriving allotment maintained by the pupils and teachers.

As with all products, budding gardeners should check the labels to make sure their gardens will not be damaged by what they are using.