Gardeners should beware of late frosts

A gardening body has warned growers that they may not have seen the last of this years frosts.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) suggested that there is a chance that temperatures could plummet at night through May and even into June.

It explained that such late frosts have been recorded before, but not since 1995, although this should not stop garden and greenhouse owners being vigilant.

There are precautions that growers can take to ensure their tender spring plants are not damaged by the cold.

Using horticultural fleece to insulate them at night is a good way of ensuring they remain healthy and will not do any harm even if there is no frost.

Growers should double up the layers on particularly vulnerable plants and not forget to cover those in unheated greenhouses.

Indicators that frost has damaged plants include wilted shoot tips, translucent patches on the youngest foliage and blackened leaves.

In other news, the RHS is set to host its Chelsea Flower Show later this month.