Gardeners offered fertiliser breakdown

With a host of different fertilisers on the market, gardeners have been given a breakdown of the benefits of each of the types.

Live For Gardening offers numerous bits of advice to help people create their dream garden and has explained the differences in the soil amendments aimed at promoting plant growth.

Those looking at creating healthy flowers, strong roots and a green foliage may be best served by a general purpose fertiliser, while special offerings have higher levels of potassium to support fruit and vegetables.

Meanwhile, the news provider explained that roses are one such flower that would benefit from a special fertiliser.

"Magnesium is especially important for roses – a good rose feed will include it so its always worth using a special rose fertiliser rather than a general one to keep your roses healthy," it is stated.

Furthermore, those who struggle to remember to feed their plants on a regular basis may find a controlled-release fertiliser to be a useful purchase, as these let go nutrients over a slower period of time.

Among the nutrients provided by fertilisers that plants require are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.