Gardeners offered advice for moving citrus trees

US gardeners hoping to move a citrus tree to a new location have been told that they will need to have planned ahead by at least six weeks to give roots the best chance of surviving the trip.

Completing a question and answer session for the Florida Times-Union, master gardener Becky Wern remarks that the main problem that an individual will face is trying not to kill the roots.

This is a particularly challenging task when the tree has been removed from the ground and the roots are exposed.

Meanwhile, she indicates that owners should begin by slicing 18 inches all of the way around the tree with a shovel to "sever" the roots

Ms Wern added: "During the next six weeks or so, the tree will grow new roots inside the circle.

"These roots will be more likely to survive the trip and be ready to carry water and nutrients once you get the tree moved."

Furthermore, individuals are told to handle the tree carefully during transition, to dig the new hole first and to avoid adding fertiliser until new signs of growth are witnessed.

Among the fruits that a person could grow from a citrus tree are oranges, grapefruits, limes and lemons.