Gardeners must adapt to climate change

Gardeners who use their land and greenhouse to grow food may have to make some adjustments over the coming years, it has been reported.

A survey by Farming Futures found that around a third of growers are taking action to prepare for climate change, while others could be left in the lurch, according to Horticulture Week.

While almost one in five (18 per cent) growers in the south-east feel that climate change will present more opportunities than risks, what the effects will be on UK gardens is yet to be seen.

Some 65 per cent of north-western growers expect to be affected by climate change within the next ten years so it is perhaps a good time to be thinking about changes that could be made to the garden to help it adapt to the new climate.

A free workshop is set to be held in Clanfield, Oxfordshire on February 11th to discuss the topic.

Meanwhile a group of scientists has called an emergency summit in Copenhagen to inform the worlds leaders that climate change could occur quicker and harder than ever anticipated.