Gardeners leading the way as HTA encourages public planting

The Horticultural Trades Association has called on local authorities to take a leaf out of the books of local gardeners and make the area a greener place.

It cited a 50 per cent drop in the amount of planning in public and private development in recent years.

While gardeners often lead the way in terms of using their gardens and greenhouses to grow a wonderful array of plants, developers seem to have been slacking.

HTA director general called on councils to make sure that developers follow up on any promises made.

"This is a call to action," he said.

"Local authorities need to increase the frequency of their inspections on new private and public developments to ensure promised planting and landscaping actually takes place.

"Fundamentally, they should also increase the levels of planting on new, private and public developments and they should review their planning departments to ensure they have access to high quality horticultural advice."

Research has shown that plants improve social behaviour, reduce crime and boost the health of those around them.

This, added to the oxygen-producing qualities, is perhaps why so many gardeners feel so happy in their greenhouse.