Gardeners given tips on supporting birds

Although many gardeners can be left unimpressed by the arrival of birds on their land, they also can have a positive impact and one newspaper has offered tips on how to give the animals population a boost.

Writing for the Guardian, Jane Perrone remarks that "birds can play a vital role in a gardens ecosystem", as they not only eat fallen fruits but act as worthy pest controllers.

However, providing a small bag of peanuts is not the answer, instead garden and greenhouse owners should opt for a mixed range of seeds and fat balls.

Meanwhile, Ms Perrone also writes that steps should be taken to avoid the risk of birds getting attacked by cats, which includes something prickly to be placed around the base of a bird stand.

Alongside food, water is also regarded as being just as essential for birds, as they both drink it and wash in it.

The RSPB, a UK charity working to secure a healthy environment for birds, recently highlighted the need to provide the animals with enough food and water in colder temperatures.