Gardeners given tips on fall clean-up

Garden and greenhouse owners in Cape May County were recently given tips on how to prepare their green space for winter.

We are now well into autumn and the Cape May County Herald revealed that growers were able to get some expert advice on how best to conduct their fall clean-up activities.

The November 3rd event took place at a local library with gardeners invited to enjoy the Fall Gardening lecture regardless of their level of expertise.

Cape May National Wildlife Refuge board member and master gardener Joseph Alvarez led the talk, which looked at preparing the garden for cold weather and how to help give plants the best chance of success in spring and summer.

In other news, the Daily Mail has published advice on how to deal with autumn insect pests.

It noted that the fall usually brings an influx of lady beetles and other pests, which seek out protected areas to spend the colder months.

The bugs often find their way into houses and, although generally harmless to humans, can make residents uncomfortable.

The article did warn that deer ticks are more active in fall than in summer and suggested using permethrin products on clothing for protection.