Gardeners can use more than 100 apps

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts willing to embrace technology have more than 100 applications (apps) available for them to use on the various smartphones on the market.

According to ABC News, there are apps for everything from advice on pruning and watering to those which claim to keep mosquitoes away.

Many of the examples given are for the iPhone from Apple, such as the 99 cent Pocket Garden, which has pictures and advice on hundreds of species, as well as the option to keep notes about your garden.

The Garden ToDo app – priced at $1.99 – allows growers to enter a list of their plants and the technology will deliver tailored advice on pruning, mowing, fertilising and harvesting.

However, iPhone users do not have all the fun, with Android releasing a free Botanica app, which pairs plants with hardiness zones and alerts the grower when it is time to water their crops.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that the White House kitchen garden has installed a number of cold frame protection units for crops.