Gardeners advised to keep wisterias trimmed back

Gardeners have been told that they may be best served to restrict the growth of any wisterias to ensure that good results can also be experienced in the future.

An article for the Daily Telegraph has suggested that allowing wisterias to grow too much will prevent the sun reaching their base.

Thus, by keeping any growth trimmed back, gardeners will be ensuring better air circulation to enhance the chances of the plant continuing to expand in future years.

The article said: "This focuses the plants energy into flowering wood for next summer. Cut back all new leggy growth to within 1ft of the point of origin.

"If growing wisteria in a container as a standard, stop the main shoots that are not needed for extension after the seventh leaf and the secondary shoots after one or two leaves."

It was added that the main challenge facing gardeners is to ensure that the plant gets enough water, with regular soakings recommended.

Wisteria flowers can be pink, white, violet or purple, but are never yellow.