Gardeners advised on growing in humid conditions

Summer in many parts of America means humidity that can be ideal for tropical plants.

However, a recent article stated places like Baltimore do not have the year round heat necessary to sustain these varieties without the help of a greenhouse.

The piece in the Examiner highlighted a few specimens which should be able to thrive in humid conditions and colder weather.

One such plant is the begonia, which enjoys warm, moist air and can grow in any type of sunlight, according to the author.

"Keep them neat, though, by routinely removing spent blossom and dead leaves," wrote Catherine Mezensky. "This will encourage the plant to send out more blooms.

She also noted coleus, daylilies or tiger lilies and black-eyed Susans are other plants that will flourish in humid conditions.

Gardeners looking for an easy variety to grow should also consider salvias, Ms Mezensky noted.

Snipping off a cutting and rooting it in water should help get you started, according to the article.

Meanwhile, gardeners in the Midwest should watch out for storms this week, according to