Garden will help us remember miners

Whilst coal-mining in England has all but died out, respect for the once- popular but dangerous trade has not.  And the memory of those who died carrying out their underground tasks also lives on and is to be recognised by the National Coal Mining Museum for England.

The Museum, based in Wakefield, plans to create a memorial garden for the lost miners at its Hope Pit at Caphouse Colliery near Wakefield.  It has just launched an appeal to raise funds for the garden which it hopes to open in summer 2014.  The garden will be a place where visitors or relatives can reflect on the industry and the miners who gave their lives for it.

Mary Creagh, the Labour MP for Wakefield commented that the garden would also be a place to remember miners who continue to live with work-related diseases.

Now the Museum is not only looking for donations, but is also considering design ideas for a garden centrepiece.

Any ideas?

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Author: Philip Woods

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