Garden Pests

1) Killer Slugs – We have covered this epidemic in more detail elsewhere in the blog, but keep an eye out for these monstrous molluscs in 2013. They are huge and will eat almost anything – including each other!

2) Viburnum Beetle – This beetle has been becoming a bigger pest year on year. The main host plants are viburnum opulus, viburnum lantana and viburnum tinus. The beetle eats the foliage of these plants, and causes most damage whilst at grub stage in April and May.

3) Harlequin Ladybird – This ladybird was unknown in Britain until 2004, but since then its population have risen exponentially each year. Although they don’t eat your plants, they do devour our own native population of ladybird. They can be variable in colour, and will eat those insects that are actually beneficial to your garden.

4) Vine Weevil – The adult beetles feed on the leaves of a wide number of herbaceous plants, and the larvae feed on plant roots, eventually killing them.

5) Cushion Scale – Survives by sucking the sap on evergreen shrubs             , it excretes honeydew which causes your shrubs to be covered in a black mould.

6) Lily Beetle – Causing damage to your lilies, both larvae and adults eat the leaves and cause severe defoliation.

7) Horse Chestnut Scale –This sap sucking insect can be found on various trees and shrubs, including horse chestnut, sycamore, maples, and lime and magnolia trees.

8) Chafer Grubs – The larvae of beetles, eat the roots of your grass, destroying your lawn. They also attract wildlife such as badgers, crows and foxes, which will dig up your lawn in order to find this tasty morsel.

9) Red Spider Mite – A large range of your household plants will be attacked by this small sap sucking pest. In summer they will also infest your vegetable patch, so beware!

10)  Ants – Although ants don’t damage your plants, you are liable to find they build their nests on your lawn or in your flowerbeds.

So there you have it, ten creatures to be wary of whilst gardening this year.

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