Garden investments will increase house price

Homeowners looking to boost the value of their property should consider investing in the garden.

That is the opinion of garden designer Jill Fenwick, who believes that an attractive outdoor area can be key to selling a house.

She suggested that buyers are more likely to be drawn to an abode with a lovely garden than to a similar residence with just a plain lawn.

"If you do have a really nice garden then it will increase the value if you do sell the house eventually," Ms Fenwick said.

The designer added that she believes people are currently looking to improve rather than move, thanks to the economic downturn.

A home improvement survey from Halifax last year found that 28 per cent of respondents were ready to make changes to their dwellings over the next year with the intention of adding value.

More than three in ten (35 per cent) of these planned to improve their garden, with some 16 per cent agreeing that changes to the outdoor space could add over £10,000 to the worth of their property.