Garden greenhouses – Whats Best for You

At Gabriel Ash we have various types of garden greenhouses to choose from. Depending on your finances, space requirements, plants to be grown and even aesthetics, Gabriel Ash prides itself with the best range and quality of garden greenhouses for your particular needs.

Attached or Freestanding Greenhouses

The first consideration for the best garden greenhouse is if you wish to have the greenhouse attached or freestanding.

Attached greenhouses are connected directly to your home. These include the Gabriel Ash lean-to greenhouses. The main consideration with this type of greenhouse is that you can use the heat and electricity in your home to heat your greenhouse without too much extra expense. As long as you have a decent south facing greenhouse structure you can enjoy the beauty of a greenhouse whilst saving on heating costs.

Freestanding greenhouses are completely independent from your home. If space is not an issue for you, you can build them as big as you wish. This type of greenhouse will more often than not due to location get more sunlight than the attached greenhouse.

Temperature Control Greenhouses

If you plan to grow crops where temperature is important, then you will have to consider hot greenhouses, warm greenhouses or cool greenhouses.

A hot greenhouse is one where the inside temperature in maintained at a minimum of 65 degrees F. It is normally intended for growing tropical and exotic plants. Modern technology has enabled these plants to be grown even in cold regions. All that you have to do is to install heating and lighting equipment to satisfy the plants.

A warm greenhouse is around 45 degrees F. It allows for more plants to be grown since many can survive these temperatures. Depending on how harsh the weather is, you might still need to install basic heating and lighting in the winter months.

A cool greenhouse is normally used to grow seedlings or plants that do not need warmer temperatures to survive. As long as it is kept frost free, a cool greenhouse can be used to start off your plants and vegetables in anticipation of summer months. At temperatures of between 40 and 45 degrees F, extra heating or lighting is generally not required.

Of course the biggest consideration you will have for your garden greenhouse is the cost. Gabriel Ash greenhouses are built to be both long lasting and cost effective. We ensure that your choice of garden greenhouse will be aesthetically pleasing and economical whilst always constructed to the highest standards

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