Garden expert gives winter tips

A leading gardening expert has been advising gardeners to get set for winter.
Horticulturist Colin Evans told BBC Berkshire that now is the time to sort out the borders in the garden and ensure that they arent too accommodating to garden mice over the winter.
Old pots and seed trays should be removed from the garden and greenhouse so that rodents arent attracted to the area.
He said that gardeners should work on their borders now to avoid a drop in temperature wiping out sensitive flowers.
He recommends the hardy Yucca filamentosa as a viable alternative that will survive the winter.
"Yucca filamentosa can be tricky to handle with its sharp leaf ends. Itll survive the worst of the winter frosts and will get even tougher as the years go by," he explained.
The Central American plant was recently given the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society in recognition of its ability to act as a handsome architectural foliage plant.