Garden expert endorses raised bed use

Gardeners World host Pippa Greenwood has given some snippets of advice to those struggling to grow fruit and veg in the garden.

Writing in her blog, the expert explained UK yards are often filled with soil that is rich in clay and rocks.

She said this can be counterproductive for food growers as the roots tend to rot before they can germinate.

However, Ms Greenwood provided a possible solution by suggesting gardeners follow her lead and build a raised bed, enabling them to control soil quality in much the same way as a greenhouse controls climatic conditions.

"My tip for growing crops in planters is to buy ones with drainage holes in the sides as well as the bottom, as they can get quite waterlogged otherwise," she added.

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts looking for inspiration may wish to head to Harlow Carr this summer – the Royal Horticultural Society recently announced it had been voted number one in the north of England.