Garden Design Trends for 2013

Community Gardening

The recession and a general increased social consciousness means that more and more community gardens will develop in public spaces, both to grow your own food and create beautiful spaces


Touch is a trend which has happened to interior design in the past few years and we predict this will extend in 2013 to gardens. We will see planting design continue with big grasses and an increase in the use of tactile shrubs and trees. Imagine the smooth shiny tactile barks of Prunus, the furry Salix capreas and even some conifers making a come-back for their touchable textures. 2013 will be about experiencing and engaging in your garden rather than passing by it


This is a slightly different take on garden design but all around us we can see the use of herbs in cooking increasing and growing your own herbs is a natural next step from cooking

Whilst hard core gardeners have always been interested in herbs, the rest have been slower to catch up. People are sick of buying those little expensive pots from the supermakets that don't last, so an increased interest in sowing, growing and propagating herb gardens is a trend we're expecting to prevail in 2013

Recycled Garden Art

This is an area where we are increasingly seeing recycled materials and objects in places where you wouldn’t expect them. Look for metals, stone and wood recycled objects blending into their own surroundings. Whilst these used to be considered the domain of eccentricity or non-mainstream enthusiasts, recycled art is set to become the buzz word with collectors and garden designers alike for 2013.

The Room Outside

At Gabriel Ash we pride ourselves on being one of the top providers of your ideal ‘room outside’. 2013 will see this concept strengthen even further, as people can no longer afford to move, and find innovative ways to create the 'outdoor kitchen' the 'office outside' and the 'home playground'. Use of space in the garden, for traditionally indoor pursuits will be explored to the max and a Gabriel Ash greenhouse will help fulfil this need

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