Garden Design Tips

The garden is one of the most important features of the home and there are a number of ways in which you can create an ideal design to transform it into the perfect garden. Gabriel Ash’s greenhouses are designed to not only provide you with plenty of space for growing plants but also with an attractive structure that will help you to create the perfect design for your garden.
If your garden offers plenty of space, then there are many designs that you can experiment with. You may wish to consider transforming the area into a family garden where you and your family can relax and unwind. Adding simple features such as a sandpit, benches or play area will add character and practicality to your garden, allowing you to transform it into the perfect family retreat.
For an elegant and stylish garden, you may wish to consider adding a conservatory. A conservatory will provide you and your family with an extra living area and will enable you to enjoy views of your garden all year round. There are many designs available, which will enable you to easily find something that fits your garden and keeps it looking attractive.
If you wish to create a design that suits your budget, then simple features such as a seating area will help you to enjoy your garden. A simple sun lounger, table or chairs will help you to create an area where you can enjoy your garden during summer. Be sure to place any tables or seating in areas that offer a mixture of sun and shade. If you have a patio, then add a few ornaments or colourful plant pots to make it look more welcoming and attractive.

If you wish to create a design that is neat and tidy, then consider adding a path to you garden. There are a wide variety of slab designs available that will help to compliment the rest of your garden. Garden paths not only look attractive but also provide an easy, direct route to your greenhouse or shed, which is ideal if you have a long or spacious garden. Attractive features such as a seating area, pond or ornaments can be added to compliment your garden path. If you wish to be creative, then consider adding something unique, such as a snaking path or zig-zag shapes to add character. Use colourful stones and bark to create a unique and attractive garden path.

A garden often reflects the personality of its owner, so select a design that is right for you. Take time to explore different designs as this will help you to create something that is attractive and ideal for you.

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