Garden charity welcomes soil warning

Organic growing charity Garden Organic has welcomed findings from the Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) that highlight the threats posed to the health of UK soil.

The findings pointed to a lack of investment in sustainable agricultural research and suggested that there is a danger of poor soil quality threatening the UK food supply in the future.

Garden Organic chief executive Myles Bremner said that the charity wholeheartedly agreed with the findings and was concerned about the future of UK soil.

"Garden Organic has been researching and promoting organic growing methods for over 50 years now and could not agree more with the findings of this report.

"Our future is in the soil and we must invest in sustainable techniques in order to protect food production in years to come.

"This means adopting organic methods in both agricultural and domestic settings in order to nourish and protect soil health and investing further research into these techniques."
Gardeners should be aware of soil quality in their own gardens and greenhouses.

Those who grow their own food should make sure they rotate their crops; otherwise the soil could end up starved of nutrients.