Garden Birds Numbers Fall

A decrease in the number of garden birds this winter has led to a stream of phone calls from worried gardeners and birdwatchers to the RSPB.

Numbers of goldfinches and great tits amongst other garden favourites have been conspicuous by their absence, with those keeping an eye of their feeders and bird tables disappointed by an unusual lack of activity.

The RSPB confirmed that they had indeed recorded a much lower number if sightings this year than in previous years, with milder winter temperatures believed to be the source of the downturn. Tony Whitehead of the RSPB said;

“We are receiving calls from people who are worried that they are somehow responsible for the lack of garden birds at the moment. The answer is most certainly down to the unusually mild weather we’re experiencing at the moment.”

The RSPB have allayed the fears of those worried, by stressing that birds will find their food by more natural means.

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