Garden areas a paradise for kids

The garden can be an ideal location for children to play in, while outdoor activity offers youngsters a wide range of fun options, it is suggested.

Playhouses, tree houses and dens are some of the tools that can keep children entertained in the garden area, according to the Telegraph. Homeowners may decide to build them alongside greenhouses and other outdoor furniture already sitting in their gardens.

The newspaper also states that such play-pens can encourage little-ones to mix with their peers and learn how to play alongside each other. It also indicates that developing a play area for children does not mean parents have to forget about their own gardening objectives.

Indeed, adults can plan their garden around play houses and the like. "Most are not beautiful structures, so try to tuck them into a leafy alcove and plant up around it," the publication advises.

Cambridge News reported this week that Stapleford Community Primary School has established a gardening club for its pupils in order to teach pupils how to grow plants and care for the environment.