Garden and greenhouse tips for November

Louisiana garden and greenhouse owners have been told that the first winter frosts should not spell an end to their horticultural activities.

According to the Shreveport Times, there are a number of green-fingered activities to keep growers busy during November.

It suggests that cold-sensitive species should be covered with mulch or protected by a windbreak if they cannot be moved into the greenhouse for the winter.

The final harvest of warm season vegetables and flowers should be completed, while onions, radishes and garlic should be planted.

Gardeners can also take advantage of the colder months to have their tools sharpened and repaired so they are in full working order in time for spring.

Similarly, fuel-powered equipment should be drained by leaving the motor running until the liquid burns out, meaning it is not left lying over winter.

Meanwhile, Hays County master gardener Linda Keese has told readers of the San Marcos Record that there are numerous public landscapes to admire in the Texas town.

She explained that the warm, wet fall has led to numerous wildflowers blooming late, creating a natural "work of art".