Garden and greenhouse site reopens attraction

Horticulture fans planning a winter trip to the gardens and greenhouses at a London attraction will be able to see a unique collection of artwork.

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew has reopened its Marianne North Gallery after a year of restoration.

Conservation work will continue on the facilitys 832 oil paintings – all of which were created by Ms North.

The Victorian botanical artist documented more than 900 rare and exotic plant species on her travels, with much of her work on display at Kew.

Eleanor Hasler is part of the restoration team and explained that workers are still finding hidden secrets in Ms Norths work.

She revealed that a number of inscriptions and sketches have been discovered, while the artist also commonly used leaves and grass in her paintings.

"It is a rare opportunity and privilege to conserve such a big collection by one artist," Ms Hasler added.

Meanwhile, Kew is allowing garden and greenhouse fans to save a plant species by donating money to conservation work.