Garden and greenhouse growing tips for bearded irises

Garden and greenhouse growers who read the Daily Telegraph were given tips on growing bearded irises on Friday.

The newspaper suggested every horticulturalist should count the species among those being cultivated in his or her glasshouse or earth.

Recognised by their "grey-green leaves, strong stems and fragrant, frilly flowers often in fabulous colours", the bearded irises enjoy a sunny area and well-drained soil, it said.

When dividing, older pieces should be discarded, while paler parts should be kept with the leaves trimmed back.

They should then be replanted into soil that is rich in organic matter, with the top of the rhizome showing.

Growers with windy gardens should shield the variety from the elements, which can be done by growing it under glass.

According to, there are around 200 kinds of bearded iris to choose from.

It advises those looking to buy the plants to visit the British Iris Society at Royal Horticultural Society Wisley in Woking.