Garden and greenhouse growers set up blog

A pair of Chipping Norton garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who tend to a vegetable allotment in their spare time have launched a blog.

The online resource is designed to keep other growers informed of their progress and any issues that crop up along the way.

David and Joy McCarthy founded earlier this year and they were recently paid a visit by the Oxford Times.

"Weve already started to include some tips and suggestions on dealing with problems such as slugs and caterpillars, but we make no secret of the fact were rookies when it comes to gardening on this scale," Mrs McCarthy told the newspaper.

The name of the website comes from the fact both halves of the couple are copywriters.

So far, their crops include Brussels sprouts, French beans, broad beans and beetroots.

They recently explained how the sunny weather has helped give their crops a boost.

In other news, the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show, which lasts for three days, began today (September 18th).