Garden and greenhouse expert advises pot feet use

A garden and greenhouse expert has urged horticulture fans to employ pot feet in their green spaces.

According to Mary-Kate Mackey, elevating containers just a few inches from the ground can make a huge difference to a horticulturalists life.

Writing for the Christian Science Monitor, she explained that plants are likely to be healthier as the air can more easily get to their root system through the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.

Furthermore, raising the containers just a little will allow excess water to wash away, helping to avoid the messy stains that often build up after a pot has been left in the same position for a prolonged period.

Some pot feet are made of copper and are reputed to keep away slugs and snails, which can be beneficial in protecting vulnerable plants.

Those who have containers sitting in soil should also be wary of them forming a seal with the ground as this can lead to the earth in the container becoming waterlogged and drowning the roots.

Meanwhile, the Zanesville Times Recorder has suggested that garden and greenhouse fans ensure they clean their tools in preparation for winter storage.