Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts urged to experiment with grasses

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may be interested in some growing tips offered by Mansfield Today.

The online resource suggested that ornamental grasses can become "power players of the autumn and winter season".

It listed a number of tips, while explaining there is a range of low-maintenance varieties available which could be handy for those who like to enjoy their green space with minimal fuss.

These specimens usually only require the gardener to trim the grass to the ground each spring when the first blooms begin to appear.

Some wheaty grasses make pleasant noises as they swish in the wind, while providing food and protection for birds and other small critters, the website added.

"The taller species are good as a privacy screen and mingle well with evergreen and deciduous shrubs," the article stated. "[They] will also add height and foliage interest to the perennial flower border."

Among the species gardeners may like to try out are Chasmanthium latifolium, Hakonechloa macra and Helictotrichon sempervirens.

Meanwhile, the Miami Herald has revealed that a number of Floridian nurseries have been charged with growing plants for Oasis of the Seas – the worlds largest cruise ship.