Fruit gardens provide an edible landscape

As the summer season approaches and the flowers are in bloom, the possibility of creating a colourful and edible space is one that is becoming increasingly popular and convenient for anyone wanting to get the most out of their gardening hobby.

The so-called edible landscape is one that provides easy-to-maintain, edible plants such as berries or fruit trees that are also pleasing to the eye and can be managed by anyone in the family.

For a seasoned or first-time gardener who may want to transform their yard to an edible landscape, the National Gardening Association suggests transferring items one by one for an easy way to adapt to new plants.

Blueberries and hazelnuts could be put into the place of existing foundation shrubs such as yews and burning bushes, while edible flowers such as daylilies and vegetables like basil can be tucked in between existing plants.

For those who may want to keep their existing shrubs or flowering plants, container pots housed in a greenhouse or indoors can also be an easy way to start growing edible plants. Dwarf tomatoes and herbs like creeping thyme can be grown in small containers and can provide tasty and economical additions to any meal.