Frugal Cook: Healthy cooking can be pleasurable

The author of the Frugal Cook has said that Brits have become too used to their prosperity and now rely on ready-meals and takeaways instead of cooking healthy home made meals.

While most gardeners have for years been using their greenhouse and garden as a source of food, Fiona Becket reckons that throwing money away on ready-meals and takeaways may have to become a thing of the past if Brits are to come through the current financial situation healthily.

She has backed up other celebrity chefs, such as Jamie Oliver, who have encouraged the nation to rediscover the benefits of healthy cooking.

"People are going to have to cut back as people are losing their jobs, struggling to pay their mortgages, not being able to sell a house, so its something more and more people will have to come to terms with," she said.

"It can be really pleasurable [having to cut back]. Cooking is fun."

Those looking to maximise their savings and enjoyment from cooking at home may wish to grow their own food.

Using the greenhouse, garden or allotment as a source of food is a cheap and fun way of putting food on the table.